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Link: SCO Selective About Linux Licensees

I got quoted by an IDG article, and that was picked up by Slashdot.

First: the quotes weren't inaccurate, though the disconnected sentences had many other sentences between them originally. That doesn't exactly distort my meaning, but it does reduce it to a sound bite.

Second, as usual, the Slashdot crowd included some intelligent commentary, but was mostly foolishness. As I've said before, the problem with Slashdot is not that there isn't intelligence there, but that the lunatics do the moderation, so the highly rated commentary is sometimes the worst rather than the best. My quotes were only a small part of that commentary, but were misinterpreted and attracted some silliness like "Tony's business probably runs on pirated Microsoft products". I replied to some of the more incorrect posts, but as those replies will likely remain buried at the bottom of the ratings system, not many will ever see them. Well, this website is my soapbox, so I'll use it instead.

One immediate assumption was that any SCO reseller is a SCO apologist: we'd defend SCO's actions and would be a big fan of SCO Unix. That's dead wrong: SCO resellers are businesspeople with no emotional attachment to the OS at all. Most of us have been actively working with other systems for many years: Linux, BSD, Solaris, whatever.

Someone wrote a little post that said I was a nice person, but "simply suffered for many years from the unusual syndrome of being a SCO enthusiast". That's really not the case: I am a Unix enthusiast, but not particularly a SCO Unix enthusiast. Yes, a lot of my business has been SCO, but that concentration was purely a business decision: there are a LOT of SCO Unix systems out there, and for various reasons, a lot have been abandoned by the people who originally sold them, leaving a gaping opportunity for commerce. My motto for many years has been "There are no problems, only business opportunities", and the various problems of SCO (disrespect by traditional Unix folk, inattentiveness to small customers, slowness to react to trends) are indeed business opportunities for someone like me.

I'll close with an intelligent quote from Slashdot:

Finally, SCO retailers, from exerpts from the newsgroup and blogs,
seem to be a pretty decent source of levelheaded information on
the whole debacle. They've been listening to what's been going on
for a while. Some of this may be the fact that they tend to be
older than most of the folks on Slashdot, but they aren't full of
Linux fanaticism. On the other hand, they're in touch with reality,
unlike McBride's PR releases.  

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