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Show Desktop (Mac)

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Sun Oct 5 21:35:24 GMT 2003 Show Desktop (Mac)

Link: Show Desktop

I found this at https://saladwithsteve.com/, and it's just what I have wanted - I thought I'd have to wait for Panther before I could get this. What it does is very simple: it hides everything else and shows your desktop when you click on it. Shift Click puts everything back (though not perfectly - you lose the focus of whatever you were in when you activated it).

Great little addition to my Dock (and it can go in the Menu bar if you prefer).

From the site: "Show Desktop hides all applications and minimizes Finder windows for an unobstructed view of your desktop. Unlike Command-Option-Click, Show Desktop also minimizes Finder windows to get them out of your way too."

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-> Show Desktop (Mac)

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Wed Feb 27 21:20:10 2008: 3721   anonymous

"though not perfectly - you lose the focus of whatever you were in when you activated it"

That's the only downside I've found, but it's a big one. I'd love to have the apps spring back in the right order.


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