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Sun Oct 5 20:15:02 GMT 2003 geek politics

Link: The Free State Project has chosen New Hampshire

That reminded me of earlier stories about geeks getting involved in politics.

My opinion on such things is that only stupid people agree on very much at all. The rest of us have wildly disparate opinions on just about everything. Sometimes some of us even agree with the thinking challenged crowd, but do so for reasons they couldn't begin to imagine.

''The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.''
-- Bertrand Russell

That's the major reason that our elections tend to favor personality over intelligence, sound bites over discourse, etc. That we manage to (mostly) avoid mob rule in spite of that is probably the most amazing part of American politics.

So I don't think that anything much will come of Libertarians settling in New Hampshire or geeks doing political stumping.

No doubt a good number of readers will disagree with me - after all, the hopelessly stupid probably don't visit here much..

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"That's the major reason that our elections tend to favor personality over intelligence, sound bites over discourse, etc. That we manage to (mostly) avoid mob rule in spite of that is probably the most amazing part of American politics."

At one time, we did have "mob rule" in American politics. Take Chicago, for example, during the Al Capone era...


---October 16, 2004

by dickwms

It seems that the American people are comatose (OR BRAIN DEAD-IN WHICH CASE WE DON'T HAVE A PRAYER)and the(only)solution is to awaken them and educate them.
AmericaUnited has been established as a ground up movement driven by the internet and publicity.
The party organizations at the local and state level have been weakened by big money and the popular primaries and and organizations such as MoveOn and ACT are top down and similarly financed. This could lead to dictatorship-pure and simple.
It seems that AmericaUnited is an excellent vehicle, as it has no baggage and does not easily
lend itself to criticism. Although It is primarily educational, it is planned to grow into a political action movement.
The website https://americaunited.info not only offers a rational to bring about a free and
open society, but also presents a way out of our present predicament (which is mostly either
directly due to the economic process or to its influence-advertising, etc) in our society.
It challenges the American people to band together to realize the dream stated in the
preamble to the constitution, presents a method to bring the business community to heel
It presents an examination of the present political situation as well as the events leading
to the present situation. It also examines INEQUALITY IN INCOME AND WEALTH DISTRIBUTION.
The menu items "how a tax on the wealthy became a tax on labor" , "future of America", "a
capitalist eden", "theidealcorporation", "history of money lending" and "effect of tax
cuts" are supported by the body of the site, and are in the focal point of the solution.
It is (non-profit) in the business (non-partisan) of informing the public, helping voter
registration, and participation of the electorate.
I am satisfied that the present top-down strategy to defeat Bush opens the possibility of an
America run by money and propaganda from the internet. Don't know if MoveOn and similar organizations have considered the possible negative outcomes of their efforts.
The weakening of the party organizations at the grassroots level can be answered by the formation of AmericaUnited! A local site is https://americaunitedpinfl.org

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