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Tue Sep 23 11:35:00 GMT 2003 No XML, thanks

Link: Microsoft limits XML in Office 2003

You can smell the fear. Microsoft needs XML because its big customers need it. ODBC doesn't cut it, they want the self-describing text of XML. But Microsoft doesn't want XML because that levels the playing field: their products would actually have to compete on features and performance.

The last thing Microsoft ever wants is a level playing field. So, what they are trying to do is have XML but keep the decked stacked. It's not going to work.

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I use it on Linux, and Windows, it's cheap, and works well. I really don't see how M$ can compete with it. Eventually, Office will be obsolete.

- Bruce Garlock

Whaddya mean, "eventually?" <Smile>


Your are right there :-) I just recommended this to someone who just bought a brand new dell for home. She was configuring the product, and choosing the software packages, and I told her not to select Office, since there was a free alternative. Why spend hundreds of dollars when most of the features are available in OpenOffice for free? Not to mention that people probably only use about 25% of the features anyway (if that)

- Bruce Garlock

Perhaps someone would comment on the potential demize of Acrobat since its quite possible all popular office suites could one day support XML as a native format. Which would possibly allow passing docs without having to worry. Sure OpenOffice is a great product except one some platforms it doesn't work quite right

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