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Modules vs. Bloatware

© September 2003 Tony Lawrence

Mon Sep 22 12:51:41 GMT 2003 Modules vs. Bloatware

Link: Code editors renew approach to IDEs

This article claims that there is a "back to basics" movement among professional developers who are shunning the all in one IDE's (Integrated Development Environments) in favor of smaller modules that work together. Hmm.. small tools that work together well: where have we heard THAT idea before?

In case you are just joining the Unix world, that concept is the underlying theme of most Unix commands: do the job that you do well, and leave the rest to someone else. "ls" isn't a paginator, that's for "more" or "less" or "pr" to handle. "cat" doesn't have a "sort" option. Keep each tool simple and life is good.

Here's the question I have: will those developers start to realize that the programs they are developing can also benefit from the same idea? Or will simpler development environments still churn out ever more complicated Swiss Army knives?

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