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Context based link farms?

© September 2003 Tony Lawrence

Context based link farms?

I had an e-mail from the fellow who runs https://www.link-tool.com (now defunct?). It's a "mostly Open Source" site, and he was writing to me for two reasons, one of which was to ask me to consider using his product.

I don't see that as making sense - why would I want to put up a bunch of random, unrelated links? What good does that do for you, the visitors? However, it struck me that it might be quite a different story if the links were context sensitive, like Google's text ads. If that were the case, then the links could have value to you, and I certainly would at least try it.

Ideally, I'd want to be able to give a system like that context hints: effectively, this page is about xyz and abc, but not about def. That's something I can't do with Google, and I think it's shortsighted on their part. Google is unfortunately still in their indexing mindset where of course you can't trust anything the website owner has to say about their own pages. It is, however, entirely different when said owner is trying to maximize the value and relevance of the advertising: he have nothing to gain by being deceitful and in fact everything to gain by being accurate and honest.

Well, I don't think Google's going to change (I'd love to be surprised!), but maybe somebody will take this context linking idea and run with it. It would be better than web rings, I think.

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-> Context based link farms?

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