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End of SCSI?

© September 2003 Tony Lawrence

Tue Sep 16 19:42:29 GMT 2003 End of SCSI?

Link: Hard Disk Command Queuing Goes Native in Seagate Drive

The ability to reorder commands (for example to avoid unnecessary extra head movement) is one of the things that has separated SCSI from IDE in the past, the other important difference being SCSI's ability to support more physical drives. Also, until fairly recently, your only choice for RAID was SCSI.

Looks like that may be going away. Serial ATA will support more drives, there are of course IDE RAID controllers and I'm sure more are coming, and now we have smarter drives that will be able to perform more quickly in a multiuser environment.

These things aren't particularly important for single user desktop machines - there's no much advantage to reordering disk seeks when there aren't multiple processes making demands. But this sort of improvement could make IDE more acceptable for servers and other multi-user machines.

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