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Problem solved

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Mon Apr 7 12:05:04 GMT 2003 Problem solved

A happy success story from on of this site's contributors:


There is one page on your site that has just saved me a truck load of
time, money and lost hair.

I don't even remember how i found it ... something like "old unix" ...
stuffed into your perl search dragged up a story about someone trying to
run an old database on OpenServer and had problems with accessing files
with inode numbers after 64K. I still can not find it again to add the

I have just had the same problem with these programs for SCO ...

1) Transoft U/SQL version CSMFIU310
2) RealWorld Accounting V722 Classic

This problem has also stumped (besides myself)...

1) Transoft's UK support team (U/SQL)
2) Scalable Data Systems support team (RealWorld Supplier)

... for about a week or more.


U/SQL is a middleware type of program that allows you to start a server
process to read older file types defined in a User Data Dictionary
(udd). In our case the files were COBOL V3.1.59. (Old!)

This worked great on OpenServer 5.0.4 but when we upgraded to 5.0.6 we
(I) had problems. The U/SQL server process (usqld) would run and the
client process (usqli) would connect and read its own example files but
not the COBOL ones.

After contacting SDS support they told me of a similar experience with
another client but never found out what they did about it (client never
rang back). SDS contacted the client and they had a system to move the
COBOL files on to a NT server and use a Windows version of U/SQL Server.

(When your desperate what else is there I guess ???)

After SDS contacted Transoft their answer to SDS was something like ...
Upgrade your COBOL version. This was just not going to happen and SDS
were then just as stuck as I was. The final answer from SDS was go back
to an OpenServer version that works. 

I Later found out we should be using U/SQL CSMFSO320. This is written
for OpenServer but still did not work for us. The other U/SQL version
CSMFIU310 is for the old SCO Unix. I tried all versions I could get but
still no luck.

At the time I agreed with SDS about going back to OpenServer 5.0.5 as
they had all things working on this version. 

... but ... 

I had to know WHY, it was just eating at me. I had just done the upgrade
and changed all the network clients to DHCP and changed lots of other
stuff. I decided to give myself until Monday morning 8:00am to fix it.

(time now 5:11am the same monday ... :-)

There was a link kit with U/SQL to compile a binary to read the COBOL
files for a specific COBOL version if the default ones that cane with
U/SQL were no good.

I started there and soon got sick of the cobol errors and warnings and
still with no result. It looked like they had used Microfocus v4 to do
the link kit with. (More brick walls)

So I hit the net to try and find something. Searching for hours for
stuff like ... cobol, sco, microfocus, usql .... blah blah blah...

Finally I got a page from pcunix.com appear. I decided to try your perl
search a few times. (More than a few actually) and finally the BOCUSM
article appeared. 

Everything just clicked... so...
I cleaned out a file system on the 5.0.6 server
Checked the inodes on the old 5.0.4 system, all were less than 64K
Checked inodes on the 5.0.6 system all were MORE than 64K

(Started to get a bit happy about now ... :-)

Installed RealWorld on the new clean filesystem first 
Installed U/SQL next

Checked the inodes on all with ... lr -li | egrep "^6" | less -S
All were less than 64K

(Got more happy ... :-))

Started U/SQL and tried to read the RealWorld files .... and ...

Yeaaaaaaa Hooooooooo .... SUCCESS !!!

Tony, Once again the info in your site has saved me ... :-)

Feel free to chop this email up and post it on your site if you want.

Thanks again for keeping that site running.
Your a champion !


Bruce Baumann
IT Manager
Queensland Communications Pty Ltd

Got something to add? Send me email.

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