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One Hundred Thousand

© August 2003 Tony Lawrence

Looks like this will be the first month this site hits 100,000 unique visitors. Some of those are spiders, of course, and some are repeat visitors with varying dhcp addresses, but there's no way to figure out what the "real number" is because some of them are also more than one person behind a single ip.

We may not quite make it because it is a holiday weekend both in the U.S. and Canada (don't know about Australia though I do know we have a lot of readers there and in Great Britain). But we'll be very, very close if not actually there.

Whatever that number is, it's been growing. Alexa has us in the top 100,000 now, and on certain days we've been as low as 15,000 (probably on days where people were searching for anything to do with SCO because of the lawsuit). It's not all SCO anymore, though. Many thousands came here to read Mac OS X, Linux, or one of the many more general articles. There will always be plenty of SCO information, but we're also branching out into lots of other places.

One of the biggest problems I have is that the site is so darn big it can be hard to find things. Trying to make that easier is an on-going project that probably never will end.

There have been a lot of improvements, of course, but there is more to come. I do want to thank all of the folks who contribute here, including the few anonymous commentators. We're paying people for articles now, and that has started to bring in more than we had before. Not that sharing isn't a good thing by itself, and not that the publicity and fame from having a good article in print isn't important too. Those things are good reasons by themselves. I know that writing also helps me better understand whatever I'm writing about, and some of the regular contributors here have said the same thing. Such a great deal: improve your understanding, help other people out, be a little bit famous, and get paid for it too! Keep those articles coming..

I always have plenty of ideas to improve things (just not enough time to do everything I want). If you have ideas, I'd love to hear them.

One hundred thousand is an awfully big number, but I bet next year we'll look back at this and smile..

November 10 to December 10 2007: 183,040 visitors.

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Out of curiosity, Tony, what does 'du -k' report on your webroot directory?

- Bruce Garlock

288987, but if you just mean the htdocs, 64824


Reminds me of that line from a baseball movie ("Field of Dreams" maybe?): If you build it they'll come.


Hey Steggy - thank you so much for the nice review at https://www.alexa.com/data/details?url=aplawrence.com

Wal-mart :-) My wife got a kick out of that.

But I am no guru - maybe the site is, thanks to the contributions by everyone else, but I'm not.

Thanks again - I really appreciate it.


Well, it rolled over sometime in the wee hours of the 31st. It was 99,447 at the end of the 30th.. so we made it :-)


And here we are in Feb of 2004, rolling over 100k just 18 days into the month..


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