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SCO responds (SCO Lawsuit)

© August 2003 Tony Lawrence

Wed Aug 27 20:22:33 GMT 2003 SCO responds (SCO Lawsuit)

SCO responding to the Linux community's allegations about the supposedly stolen code.

Here's the meat of it:

But Sontag said the BPF routines were not intended to be an example of stolen code, but rather a demonstration of how SCO was able to detect "obfuscated" code, or code that had been altered slightly to disguise its origins. The slide displaying the code should have been written differently to reflect that intention, he said.

"It was an example of our ability to find moderately changed or obfuscated code, it was not an example we are using in court," Sontag said. "If they want to go off and make a big defense on that, they are welcome to it."

Sontag said the code examples SCO chose to disclose last week were not its best examples, merely the most easily understood ones. Perens had said the examples SCO disclosed were likely to be SCO's best, and underscored the weakness of SCO's case.

I'm sorry, but that's bordering on incredible. You don't put the wrong text on something this important. The rest of it just sounds mealy mouthed to me.

Maybe it's true. If so, then these folks have to be among the dumbest management teams ever assembled. Anybody with the brains to tie their shoelace NEVER would have let a debacle like this happen.

Good luck in court, guys. If your lawyers bumble it as much as you have so far, you don't stand a chance.

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-> SCO responds (SCO Lawsuit)

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