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Tue Aug 26 11:58:45 GMT 2003 Pornography original source of SoBig

https://www.infoworld.com/article/03/08/25/HNsobigworm_1.html reports that the SoBig virus originated as a post on an adult Usenet site.

SoBig is still rumbling - my mail continues to be full of it and the automatic replies it causes. It worries me that a handful of things like this could effectively shut down the Internet - it wouldn't take all that many to really bog us all down in this kind of crap.

And that makes me think that the day can't be far away when somebody is going to start wanting to license our operating systems. Even without the very real threat of that sort of thing helping Microsoft's dominance, you can bet that every company out there would quickly be "unable" to fix security flaws in their "old" versions, and would happily tell the regulators that anyone running XYZ version Y or earlier has to upgrade.

Oh well, sit back and wait I guess.

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-> Pornography original source of SoBig

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