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Silent Majority

© August 2003 Tony Lawrence

Fri Aug 15 11:52:11 GMT 2003 Silent Majority

This Computerworld story reports on SCO's Darl McBride saying that he thinks the "silent majority" agrees with SCO.

I doubt it. The majority probably does agree that if IBM really did steal code, yeah, SCO deserves whatever they can get. But most of us also realize that this is a very murky swamp, and are withholding judgement on who's right and who's wrong.

I was amused by McBride's expectation that he's going to collect 1.7 billion dollars from Linux users. Boopy, that just is not going to happen. You might get a few folks to pony up $699 if you actually do win this suit, but it will be a dental extraction to get it from most of the 2.5 million installations you think are out there. Did you remember to deduct the 2.5 million legal fees that will be required to even have a faint hope at getting those $699.00 checks? I guess not. Better go fix the spreadsheets, Darl, because even if you win with IBM, that doesn't mean everyone else will agree that they owe you money.

Most of them would say "go collect it from IBM, it's not my problem". If they even admit to having Linux at all, of course. Just how you go about proving that they even are running a supposedly infringing version anyway?

Bruce Garlock comments:

How about Google, is SCO going to collect from them? I think they have a couple, two, three Redhat boxes laying around somewhere :-)

I really think SCO is tarnishing their name big time. I'm sure it is almost a profanity in some IT shops, that really like the opensource model. I can say that I am not too happy with their claims, and if anything they are helping out Microsoft more than anyone in this mess.

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