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LinuxWorld using IIS?

© January 2005 Tony Lawrence

Sat Jan 1 07:20:19 2005 LinuxWorld Referencing: /Blog/B1154.html

A letter in the latest Linux Journal noted that the Linux World Expo website is running on (gasp!) an IIS server.

For crying out loud - not even SCO is that dumb.

What were these guys thinking? Was it "Gee, let's put up our website on the worst possible choice forv a webserver?" Or was it "Microsoft has always been so nice to us, let's use IIS for this"?

Naaw. Had to be "Web server? Oh, yeah, the guys in Marketing are taking care of that".

Yeah, for sure, that was it.

Netcraft linuxworldexpo.com

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-> LinuxWorld Expo using IIS?

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---January 1, 2005

Well... I went to netcraft.com and they've been using Linux with Apache servers for quite some time, and before that they were using Solaris. Looks like they switched to linux sometime between late 2002 or early 2003.

Maybe he was going off of a website cache or something by mistake? Or maybe he scanned linuxworld with nmap or something and got a IIS and Windows 2000 as the suggested OS from nmap's OS guessing option?

I know that for a long time, netcraft results would show www.microsoft.com running on Linux.

This was back when people were running DOS attacks on MS for whatever reason and they hired to Akamia to cache their webpages, and redirected their DNS searchs to Akamai's servers... Which of course were running Linux. That went on for a long time.


No, not Linuxworld.com (sorry) but


---January 2, 2005

Of course we have to be so bashful here. For someone with such a well informed opinion of unix you are very unnecessarily anti-microsoft.

Who cares what they run themselves? Maybe they have a reason to have a problem with Apache... (which I might remind you and all other readers, does not equal Linux, which is fundamentally a KERNEL).

We could consider, best offer of price for bandwidth and hosting performance. Use of specific design tools, or rapid development interfaces unavailable on other platforms with the same install to finalise times. Simply the price point of a near base configuration? Obfuscation of real server type? TINAEL, it could go on forever.

Shut up and get on with it is what I say, as a *nix and 'dows admin and user.

Looking at the source of the index page, it is awash with mess, suggesting a poor coding style and bad practices. This would suggest to me that the site developer would be unable to build and use a Linux based system due to the lack of a full GUI administration system.

---January 3, 2005

Well you have to look at it from a marketting perspective, Tony isn't being anti-MS in this case. He is being anti-moron.

This is a thing that is suppose to promote Linux. You would think that they would use Linux for something as simple as setting up a webserver, which isn't the most difficult thing to do. What sort of message are they sending when they are trying to promote the use of Linux and use Windows to do it?! Hell it's even in a task that Linux dominates over Windows (webhosting).

Using IIS to promote Linux is akin to having a team of Microsoft sales reps show up to sell you into buying Dell computers running Windows while running powerpoint-like presentations using OpenOffice.org on a bunch of Apple PowerBooks themselves.

You don't use your competitor's products to show off your own products.

What would it look like if all the execuatives that work at Ford all own nothing but BMW's and Honda's?


---January 3, 2005

Thank you Drag - that's exactly the point. As Scott M. says: Eat your own dogfood.


Well, I prefer Frosted Mini-Wheats to dog food -- they taste better -- but otherwise agree.


---January 3, 2005

Erm, understood, except for the reality. Sadly, if this wasn't the case then we wouldn't be making more money than the rest of them... I believe the quote "There are no problems, only income opportunities" is appropriate, eh Tony.

Maybe it's a good time to mention OpenBSD.org running on Sun. Oh yeah, but they already quashed complaints about that, many times. 'https://www.openbsd.org/faq/faq8.html#wwwsolaris' ;-)
^^^ needs a quickfix on the URL pattern. ^^^^ :-)

Maybe they are trying to make a point about the anti-windows linux community, or worried about the fact that Linux is the most attacked web hosting platform (although it's true to say that this is akin to Windows being the most attacked desktop platform).

As for Microsoft reps using Apple books. It has been seen! The reason not however being software, but the fact that you can't get x86 laptops of the same quality level. Microsoft couldn't care less, they still build suites for OS X.

In reality I suspect that it was a case of the web designers just being morons.

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