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More folks dumping IE

© December 2004 Tony Lawrence

Sun Dec 12 12:43:21 2004 More folks Referencing: https://www.informationweek.com/story/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=55301109

This Information Week article reports Penn State has told its 80,000 students to not use Microsoft Internet Explorer. Good for them.

The article doesn't cover the many reasons why it can be hard to dump Microsofts browser: https://news.com.com/2100-1032-5388755.html?tag=yt lists a number of reasons, including Microsofts own attempts to keep you from using anything but Genuine Microsoft to do Windows Updates. There are ways to get around that: https://update.mozilla.org/extensions/moreinfo.php?id=195&vid=660 , though don't be surprised if Microsoft breaks that deliberately. You can also just got to the Microsoft Download Center, though admittedly it can be hard to find things there.

The biggest problem is stupid web sites that use Microsoft IE features and don't even attempt cross-platform capability. Hint to most banks: not all of your customers want to use IE. Stop being so lazy. Most irrating are those sites that actually need nothing Microsoft IE specific, but THINK they do, so they refuse your Mozilla browser. There's a fix for that nonsense: https://update.mozilla.org/extensions/moreinfo.php?id=59&vid=62 is an extension that lets Mozilla pretend to be IE.

Another useful link: https://www.scss.com.au/family/andrew/msie/

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-> More folks dumping IE

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Well, I have managed to move all of my clients, save one, to Mozilla. Since having done this, the number of cries for help that often follow a web surfing session has dramatically dropped. I can't imagine why...

BTW, the lone exception is a clueless AOL user. 'Nuff said on that account. &lt;Smile&gt;


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