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SCO Marketplace and Skunkware

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Mon Aug 9 16:07:10 2004 SCO Referencing: https://ir.sco.com/ReleaseDetail.cfm?ReleaseID=140770

SCO's Skunkware has always ben somewhat of a disappointment. While it does fulfill the promise of binary ports of third party software, the ports have often been horribly out of date and also often suffer from undocumented dependencies that frustrate the non-technical user who just wants to update his Sendmail or Apache.

According to https://groups.google.com/groups?selm=ff3c0649.0408080634.5e7e06f2%40posting.google.com , the SCO Marketplace project hopes to improve that area also.

Linux folk openly scoff at this announcement, doubting that SCO will survive long enough to do this anyway, and insisting that no developer would work for SCO. In the same newsgroup thread someone asserted that any developer doing this work would lose all their rights, etc. J.L. Schilling (a SCO employee) retorted:

Not so. Changes to open source components under this process would have
exactly the same credit, licensing, etc. as anyone else changing the
same open source component. Consultants get paid for working on open
source all the time -- this is really no different than that.

Well, except that for many other developers, the person contributing to SCO may be seen as a pariah. But who knows? Maybe by the time any of this is real things may have settled down to a less hate filled state.

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